offers the supply of aircrafts and helicopters. Both new and overhauled in a certified facilities, such as:

  • combat aircrafts MIG-23,MIG -25, MIG-29, SU-22, SU-27
  • helicopters MI-8, MI-17, MI-24, KA-50
  • training aircraft L-59
  • transport aircrafts IL-76, AN-26, L-410/420
  • UAV’s

Offers include also delivery of:

  • aircraft engines: main and auxiliary
  • weapons systems with ammunition and missiles
  • on-board navigation, sighting and radio systems
  • passive protection systems: flare launchers, radiators
  • ground equipment
  • simulators

Supplies cover also overhauling and modernization packages, supply of spare parts, documentation, technical assistance and training of staff, ground support, extension of the TBO and logistical support during entire lifetime.


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