offers a wide range of most advanced Optronic devices including:

  • state of the art of Red Dot Sights
  • sniper sights
  • military binoculars
  • rangefinders
  • sniper spoters

Our offer includes also various types of night vision devices of numerous applications and technical specifications, handheld thermal cameras, and air or vehicle mounted combined night/day thermal gyrostabilized systems. Our line of night vision devices, complies with the standards of of NVD, GEN III American Tube. We also offer the equipment according to Russian Standards, introducing good quality and reliability.

Based on type and modality of use, MEX TECHNOLOGIES offers the following types:

  • universal NV monoculars
  • night vision goggles
  • night vision stand alone sniper sight
  • clip on night vision sniper scope, to be installed in front of day optics
  • thermal cameras


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